Gift them a positive outlook,

healthy relationships &

the ability to navigate change well.

Leadership Essentials

The 13-week Leadership Essentials individual coaching model is designed to help you raise awareness of your patterns of communication and behavior that help or hinder your effectiveness as a leader. The goal is to help you shift that one big thing. My team and I will assist you in refining your communication skills and help you to be more effective with your thoughts and emotions so you can approach people and situations with more skillful insight. This coaching series combines in-person sessions with horses at The Healing Equine Ranch in Agoura Hills, California with video coaching calls. For those who are unable to visit the ranch, the program is facilitated through video calls only. In-Person sessions can be arranged in the greater Los Angeles area.

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Leadership Retreats

Retreats improve your ability to succeed as a leader and work within a team. By teaching natural horsemanship skills, my team and I provide a practical learning experience that resonates in the body, mind and emotions. Because the skills it takes to influence a horse are the same skills needed to work effectively with people, the learning translates easily into the workplace. The retreat activities create an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and energy awareness, and to experience leadership breakthrough. Horses mirror our leadership style, as well as our patterns of communication and behavior. The way horses respond allows us to see clearly what kind of outcomes our habitual actions produce. Our retreats are held at The Healing Equine Ranch in Agoura Hills, California. If you would like your leaders and teams to be more people-centered and effective, contact me today to set up a retreat for your team!

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Specialty Coaching

Set your new leaders up for success! Clinical staff who are promoted to leadership positions are often missing the business skills to manage their supervisees and programs effectively. When I was promoted from staff psychologist to director and then to vice president, I thought, “what do I know about running a business?” I had to learn a lot on my own in order to succeed in these roles. I know many leaders find themselves in a similar situation. So, I developed a 20-session individual coaching program designed specifically for clinical staff to learn how to lead effectively. This model focuses on 4 key areas: aligning with a new team, motivating and inspiring others, effective program management and good business practices. This coaching model can be facilitated in-person in the greater Los Angeles area and via video calls.

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