The DNA of Freedom

The DNA of Freedom

There is no greater bliss than feeling free. Free to be yourself. Free to create. Free to give to others. Free to love. Free to be the master of your own destiny.

When I imagine the DNA of freedom, I think of the essential qualities that enable us to think, act and speak from our truth…a truth that is free from the expectations of others, free from inaccurate beliefs we have about ourselves and free from the defensive armor that no longer serves us.

These essential qualities have helped me to be my best self and to experience a level of freedom I never dreamed possible by: loving myself, living my true compassionate nature, being courageous and taking healthy risks, deepening my connection with the Divine, making self-awareness and personal growth a priority, aligning my emotions with my goals, being generous with others and most importantly, leading a heart-centered life.

When we deepen our practice of these essential qualities, we experience the unlimited potential, exhilaration and deep satisfaction that comes with freedom.

The art I created below embodies the different energies and concepts associated with the DNA of Freedom. My hope is that these images and words will inspire you to kick-start your journey to freedom.

The DNA of Freedom: Essential Qualities

Love Consciousness

Fall in Love with Yourself. A deep realization of the love you have for yourself will spread like wildfire to others, enhancing your relationships and joy of living. Reflect on the unique beauty of your body, mind and spirit. Tune into and affirm all the goodness that comes from the one and only you.

Compassion Consciousness

Shine Shine Shine! Let your true nature shine and treat others with care. Compassion allows you to see relationships and situations more accurately, moving you away from your issues and judgments. Compassion enables you to make decisions that have integrity. When you are truly able to see another’s perspective, both your mind and your heart will open to new possibilities. You will feel centered and pleased knowing you are in alignment with your true nature.

Courage Consciousness

Be Emotionally Daring. We sometimes stay stuck in patterns that help us to feel safe in the world without realizing we no longer need such a high level of protection. It is important to understand the ways in which you keep yourself feeling safe, and therefore limit your range of expression and experience. Tune in and see if it is time to take a healthy risk and move beyond what makes you uncomfortable. It is likely you are better equipped than you think you are to face fear, pain or anxiety provoking situations.

Plug Into the Circuits of Expansive Grace

Give the Divine More Space in Your Life. Deepen your connection with the Divine through prayer, meditation, acts of kindness and love. Walk through life with your highest values present in your words and actions. Have faith and make your relationship with the Divine a continual practice. In this connection lives a deep sense of peace, trust, protection and healing.

Look Deep Inside

Wake Up To Yourself. Look below the surface and make a habit of uncovering the core reasons you think, behave and communicate as you do. Self-awareness is the first step in connecting with your free self, and in learning how you help or hinder your ability to prosper. Self-awareness can increase through your inner guidance or from the support of a life coach, a mentor, a therapist or a guide. Your goals and dreams are yours alone, what would help you bring them to life?

Emotional Expansion

Align Your Emotions with Your Goals. Go beyond just regulating. Learn to use your emotions and thoughts in a way that promotes your growth, healthy relationships and personal success. This requires an understanding and acceptance of the emotions that live within you, as well as the ability to tolerate emotions that cause you unease. Learn how to flow with emotion instead of against it. Start by noticing the variety of emotions that come up for you over the course of a day. Go further by paying attention to where the emotion lives in your body and to what thoughts you associate with each emotion. These are the first steps to align your emotions with your goals.

Be a Giver

Be a Giver. Live from a place of abundance and give to others everyday, multiple times a day. Give your time, your praise, your patience, your money, your gratitude, your love, your kindness and all the gifts and skill and beauty that make up you. Tune in to what others might need and to how good it feels to be a giver.

Healing Heart

Live Heart First. Time and time again it amazes me how much healing and grace comes from tapping into the purest place of my heart. Take the time to find your true heart and learn how to drop into that part of your being at will. Once you do, notice how your thoughts and reactions to challenging situations change. You will see things more clearly. What troubled you, no longer has the same power. Your ability to forgive is easier. Your compassion increases. You become a giver. Your boundaries become clearer. Your love for other beings and life itself intensifies. Hidden in your heart is a deep well of strength. Heart-first living results in Joy, Love and Freedom.


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